Our mission at UR Living is to take away all barriers to plant based living; simplifying the process of eating more sustainably by providing you with delicious, affordable, nutritious recipes that are quick and simple to make.

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Simplifying the process of leading a plant based lifestyle


We believe in simple, quick recipes using ingredients readily available and easily sourced locally.  We will start by helping you to stock your pantry with incredible, flavoursome ingredients that we will use time and time again.   Leaving you to simply order the fresh produce required on a weekly basis.

We keep things simple.  No one wants a pile of forgotten ingredients clogging up the back of your cupboard and no one wants to be searching high and low for random, never heard of products.  We just promise delicious recipes that you'll come back to again and again and again...

Making Use of a Well Stocked Pantry and Local Produce.

A while back we made the decision to start eating a predominantly plant based diet following years of slowly reducing our meat and dairy consumption.  Like most people, we'd read and watched a lot about climate change and the state of our planet, living more sustainably suddenly didn't seem like a choice but rather a necessity.  Knowing what we know and with two young children we couldn't wait for the big guns to do something about climate change, it's down to each of us to protect the planet for the next generation and all the generations to come.

We don't advocate to be 100% vegan.  We are totally not perfect in any way, shape or form but we do know that we do want to make better lifestyle choices.  By making conscious decisions and steps to be more ethical, eco and sustainable slowly but surely it has become our norm.  We know we can do more but this is our way of doing our bit to help.

Our Plant Based Journey...

With over 20 years experience as a Chef & Recipe Writer I have extensive knowledge of food and gastronomy.   I'm extremely passionate about food and find real excitement in bringing a plate of food to life through styling, taste and the whole experience surrounding the dining process.  With every recipe I develop, cook or style I endeavour to share and spread my love of food by creating a hugely positive experience.

However, nothing has inspired me more than sharing my passion for eating plant based with others.  Being a chef and a Recipe Writer I know I find it easier than most to eat varied, flavoursome, plant-based meals that are simple and quick enough to put together, using ingredients readily available and not costing the earth.  UR Living is designed to simplify the process of eating plant based for everyone, to break down many of the barriers that prevent people from leading a more plant based lifestyle.

A Little About Me... 
Chef, Recipe Writer and Food Stylist